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Bobby Taylor



The Only Honest
Choice for Preston

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Bobby's Words

It is through my faith in God and the love I have for family and community I have chosen to run to represent you. Before the pandemic, it was my goal to unite our communities to give us a voice that would

make a difference.

   I was voted to be Chair of The East Preston Ratepayers Community Development Association in 2019.  As the Ratepayers Chair in East Preston, I played a major role in getting our speed limits reduced. We Fought against unclaimed land in Preston being sold at tax sale and the loss of historical land due to provincial boundary changes.


I am committed to putting the Preston Township back on the map and giving you the voice that will speak your truth.  I have previously proven that I will speak for you, and I will represent you after I've learned about your issues and concerns.

Bobby's Goal's

In addition to supporting and promoting Nova Scotians United's collective goals I will be strongly pushing to: 

Ensure no more of Preston's historical boundaries are infringed upon.

Remove the Preston Township from the HRM's 40-year plan. 

Along with the new NSU Healthcare policy, we will  bring more healthcare services directly to our district

 Bring food sustainability to our communities

Create an atmosphere where our youth have the tools to overcome the obstacles of growing up in our communities

Tirelessly work with NSU to lower our cost of living

Reform Education

Empower and uplift the Preston Township to be self-sufficient, then unite with other communities to create a self-sustainable Nova Scotia

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Bobby Taylor


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