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Human Trafficking 
and Sex Crimes


- Nova Scotia suffers from the highest rates of human trafficking per capita in Canada. At a rate of 5.3 incidents per 100,000 population, Nova Scotia had the highest rate of police-reported human trafficking incidents in Canada in 2019.

- Nova Scotia has the third highest rate per capita in all of North America, the first being DC and second Nevada.

- Halifax reported a rate of 10.2 human trafficking incidents per 100,000 population in 2019, significantly higher than the national census metropolitan area (CMA) rate (1.6 per 100,000). Ottawa (3.2) and St. Catharines-Niagara (6.5) also reported rates in 2019 that were higher than the national CMA rate, whereas Toronto (1.5) and Montréal (0.9) 

- Human trafficking and sex crimes are happening in all areas of the province

- Human Trafficking and sex crimes are occurring within all demographics and in all areas of society. People from high positions of power are involved as well as the most impoverished communities.

- Families often do not want to acknowledge or talk about it and oftentimes children are molested by family members

- Familial trafficking is one of the predominant ways a child becomes victimized in Nova Scotia

- Human trafficking and sex crimes are occurring in communities where people can identify neighborhoods and homes where it is taking place.

- At this time, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has the authority to enter your home without a warrant and confiscate your property during their investigation. It stands to reason that we study the rules that DNR operates by and apply these rules to those tasked with enforcing human trafficking and sex crimes. 

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Our Objective

  1.  Increase the penalties and mandatory minimums for cases involving human trafficking or sex-related crimes.

  2.  Increase penalties and mandatory minimums further for sex crimes that involve minors

  3.  Stiffer penalties for those who commit sex crimes from positions of power. For example, the government, police, teachers, churches, judges, lawyers, etc.

  4.  A person who has served time prior to conviction shall serve the complete sentence after conviction for human trafficking and sex-related crimes.

  5.  A new enforcement department shall be created independent of Municipal police and RCMP with unique authority and the sole purpose to focus on policing Human Trafficking and sex-related crimes

  6.  Assets from human trafficking or sex crimes convictions will be confiscated and allocated to victims of sex crimes

  7.  Funds shall be allocated for education to the general public about sex crimes and human trafficking Funds shall be allocated for the health and wellness of victims

  8.  Funds shall be invested in safe houses for victims and witnesses

  9.  Create a more open and transparent sex offender registry

Closing Statment

We must do our very best to eliminate human trafficking and sex crimes. It's unfathomable to think that in 2023 Nova Scotia is so high on the list for reported human trafficking. We need to raise more awareness and take action now on behalf of those being victimized. If the penalties are steeper it will deter people from engaging in these types of criminal activities.

By enforcing these policies we will build a safer Nova Scotia and ensure that Nova Scotians will be better protected from these types of crimes in our province.


Nova Scotia has a dark shadow cast upon it and we cannot afford to look away any longer. We have the highest rate of human trafficking per capita in all of Canada, with Halifax having the highest rate of any city in Canada at 10.2 out of 100,000 people trafficked in 2019.


Nova Scotia has the third highest rate of human trafficking reports in North America per capita following Washington DC and Nevada. Why isn’t everyone outraged? We need more action here in this province, we need to be the voice of the voiceless. 

It is the goal of these suggested policies to create laws, programs, and education that will reduce and deter human trafficking within Nova Scotia. We also want to be supportive of all survivors of human trafficking and sex crimes and provide them with the tools they need to recover and the support they need to come forward. We have to shed light on this issue as it is a dark stain on our province and we will rise up to protect Nova Scotians from these predators.

 Human Trafficking is the recruitment, grooming, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of people through force, fraud, or deception, with the aim of exploiting them for profit.

Definition - Sex Crimes are a category of offenses that generally arise when violence occurs during a sexual act when there is a lack of consent by one party to the sexual act, or when someone engages in sex with an individual who is legally incapable of consent, such as a child, or an incapacitated individual.

Definition – Time Served means the time served in custody prior to a criminal trial. This time will be deducted from the sentencing times three.


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